New Final Fantasy XIV broadcast set to show off player housing creativity

Let’s face it. Interior design is the real FFXIV endgame.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Final Fantasy XIV is proud to display the creativity of its player base, and they are kicking off a brand new broadcast to further prove it. The first ever Mister Foxclon’s Neighborhood housing stream will be airing on Thursday, March 2 at 3:00 AM PT. The purpose of this new presentation is entirely wholesome. Global community producer Toshio “Foxclon” Murouchi has gathered up a collection of player housing designs from around the globe and wants to display their artistic efforts for everyone to see.

Foxclon had players opt-in on Twitter with the #FFXIVHousing hashtag to register their designs for viewing. While future episodes will carry a theme, players were encouraged to participate regardless of their designs. General housing, hangouts for friends, studio apartments, and even nightclubs are all common venues created by players, and a portion of them have been chosen for this premiere episode.

Foxclon will tour the chosen housing constructions from these players selected from all over the world. Fans can tune in to the broadcast either on YouTube Live or Twitch. Note that the presentation will be conducted entirely in Japanese.

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Housing in Final Fantasy XIV is a very popular activity. Players love to channel their inner HGTV construction or interior designer, and some of the creations are absolutely wild. Housing design has amassed a huge following, and even a popular website called HGXIV where players share tips, show photos, and give advice on how to utilize housing options to create unique objects and displays.

There is a frustrating side to housing, however. Wards in the MMO exist in a live setting, with every house in each neighborhood customized and viewable from the outside. Because of this, housing wards are limited and plots are hard to acquire because the availability on most servers is less than the player count. Square Enix utilizes a lottery system for purchases, and it is entirely up to luck whether you snag a home for yourself.