How to track housing availability in Final Fantasy XIV

Don’t miss your chance for that perfect plot.

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Obtaining a house in Final Fantasy XIV is one of the hardest forms of content the game offers. Don’t let those high and mighty raiders tell you that Ultimates are the pinnacle of challenge in the game when owning a house comes down to a relentless game of chance. To get a leg up on the competition and secure the plot of your dreams, you will want to take advantage of every tool available. There are many ways to monitor housing availability in Final Fantasy XIV, so let’s look at the best methods to keep track of open plots.

In-game ways to check housing availability in Final Fantasy XIV

Keeping track of plot availability in Final Fantasy XIV using the base tools given to you is easy but a slow and annoying chore of bouncing between residential areas. Housing becomes available in one of several ways.

  • New plots are added to the game
  • Someone relocates to a different plot and relinquishes their prior home
  • A house is auto-demolished due to player inactivity
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To check the status of plots in-game, you can either visit the main Aetheryte in the major cities and select View Residential Areas or do the same at the entrances to the residential hubs themselves. Doing so will pull up a list of the many wards and subdivisions. Any open plots will not have a name attached to them but instead list a price. To bid on the house, make sure it is during a lottery period by checking your Timer menu and verifying that the open plot is open to Free Companies or personal purchases.

Discord housing availability tracker in Final Fantasy XIV

One of the best outside methods to track housing in Final Fantasy XIV is the FFXIV Housing Alerts Discord channel. Here you can set up alerts for the servers and data centers you wish to monitor and filter it to only ping you if a specific size house is available. Players often post their findings and set up documents to keep track of housing on their servers to share with others. It is also a place to discuss housing or share your success should you purchase a house through the lottery system.

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Using a housing availability tracker in Final Fantasy XIV

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Outside of the manual method or Discord, there is another way to monitor available housing plots in Final Fantasy XIV. PaissaDB is a website that utilizes player cooperation to keep track of open plots across all data centers and servers. Select the data center and server that you wish to check, and a list will generate to view. It can be filtered and sorted in any way you see fit to find the house you are looking to purchase. The website also has an in-game plugin that can be downloaded through XIVLauncher and Dalamud Plugins. Remember that plugins are technically against the Terms of Service and are unusable by console players.