New winter-themed outfit for Ghost Face coming to Dead by Daylight

Happy Holidays from the Entity.

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Behavior Interactive is constantly releasing new skins for all of the survivors and killers in Dead by Daylight. For Halloween, the studio released new Blight costumes for Pyramid Head and Nemesis. Now, Ghost Face will get his turn with the winter season.

Ghost Face’s new winter-theme costumed is called the Icebound Phantom. The costume has Ghost Face now wearing a white cloak, and his “Scream” mask is “crying” black ooze from his eye. He shows off more skin than his usual black costume, and parts of his body are covered with ice. There are even ice spears sticking out all over his whole body.

No release date was given for the Icebound Phantom costume other than the fact that it will be coming to the in-game store soon. The in-game Dead by Daylight store is where players go to make all types of purchases, including buying DLC and cosmetics. Some cosmetics can be purchased with some of the in-game currencies like Auric Cells and Iridescent Shards, both of which can be obtained by either playing the game or purchasing them with real-world money.

Ghost Face is technically an original character for the game, but his costume is the same as seen in the Scream franchise. Since the costume of Ghost Face has different rights than that of the film, Dead by Daylight got the rights to use the costume, but none of the killers from the movies are under the mask. The Ghost Face has also appeared in Call of Duty.