New World hits launch day server issues and long queues, offers free character migration

Users say they waited hours to get in.

Image via Amazon

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After many delays, Amazon Game Studio’s New World has arrived, but the launch day hasn’t gone so smoothly. Popularity is certainly a good problem to have, but the sheer number of folks trying to play the MMORPG is causing trouble. Server issues and long queues are plaguing the game, preventing many players from joining in on the fun.

The developers addressed the problems through the official Twitter account. Thanking fans for their support (and patience), the tweet states “the team is working hard to get [the problems] addressed and get everyone in and playing.” Predictably, responses to the tweet include New World players complaining about their specific wait times. Several claims of multi-hour wait times can be found.

The New World team is doing more than working on the problems, though — it’s also looking to make it up to its players for this hiccup. A follow-up tweet includes a message about server and character changes. First, the team is planning “to stand up additional servers and expand the capacity of existing servers once [it has] properly tested these changes.” More servers would certainly mean less bottle-necking of players looking to get in.

You can also choose a less populated server than the one you intend to play on long-term if you just want to get into the game. Amazon will offer a free character migration to your preferred server in the future in that case: “We’ll offer an opportunity in the next two weeks for all players to relocate their characters to a new server of their choice at no cost.” So you can play now and join your friends’ server later if you wish.

Once you do get into a New World server, we have plenty of tips for starting your journey. If you like crafting, then poultry and feathers are going to be very useful. If you’re ready to work together with other New World players, then you’ll need to know how to make a company.