Nicolas Cage joins Dead by Daylight This Summer

Nicolas Cage has joined the Dead by Daylight Survivor line up, and more information will be coming in June.

Image via Behavior Interactive

In a surprise announcement, famous actor Nicolas Cage will join Dead by Daylight. The Dead by Daylight Twitter page has shared the announcement, and there’s a brief teaser of his character model.

So far, we have very little information about how this partnership will work, but Nicolas Cage will be finding his way through Dead by Daylight’s fog.

Nicolas Cage Plays the Great Role in His Life in Dead by Daylight

We won’t be getting any direct information regarding Nicolas Cage until July 5 from Dead by Daylight, but he will be a playable character from the looks of it. The trailer was a sudden surprise, but we can likely learn more about how this partnership came to be and what happened following an official announcement during Dead by Daylight’s upcoming 7th Anniversary stream on May 23, 2023.

The Nicolas Cage announcement was likely going to be shown off by the Behavior Interactive team sometime during their 7th Anniversary Stream. However, a leaked trailer of the one shown above had begun to appear online before the official announcement, and it looks like the team pivoted for a more formal approach.

It’s unfortunate this great surprise leaked before it was meant to appear due to this cross-over with Cage and Dead by Deadlight is absolutely bonkers. However, it fits perfectly in the Dead by Deadlight team and who Cage is as an actor.

We’re excited to learn more from the Behavior Interactive team when we can learn more details during the 7th Anniversary Stream and how to find additional information about how Cage fits into this world on July 7, 2023.