Ninja is getting his own Fortnite skin, and you can buy it tomorrow


Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, a streamer who is synonymous with Fortnite: Battle Royale, is being honored with his own skin. The skin will be available tomorrow, Jan. 16, and you can purchase it if you wish to cosplay as the man himself. The skin will stay in the shop until Jan. 19.

Ninja showed off the skin on his Mixer stream, and we must say, it really does look like him. His trademark blue hair is in full effect, and the skin is wearing a strange hooded jacket.

“It happened, it’s official, we finally got a Ninja skin. In the game. In Fortnite. We did it,” he said. The skin comes with four different styles, and Back Bling options, so you can look a little different to all the other Ninjas that will be in the game tomorrow.

It has been a busy time for Ninja. A move to Mixer saw a change in how streamers are able to capitalize on their positions, and he also released his own shoe with Adidas.

It’s also a busy time in Fortnite right now. Update 11.40 has brought us the Rippley Vs. Sludge mission, the 8-Ball Vs. Scratch mission, and plenty more changes to the game. Probably the most significant change in the game is the return of the Heavy Assault Rifle, thanks to the new Sidegrading system.

This gives us plenty to do as the first season of Chapter 2 winds down and is expected to end sometime in the middle of February.