The Best Micro SD Cards for the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite

Nintendo’s eighth generation of gaming has taken on the form of the Nintendo Switch and has become one of the best selling consoles of all time. Not too long ago, Nintendo released the Nintendo Switch Lite, which solely focuses on the handheld aspect of the Switch that does not need a Switch dock and TV to hook up to.

Both offer the chance to play on the go, which makes both consoles perfect for traveling anywhere. Unfortunately, Nintendo’s consoles’ storage is known to lack compared to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, which both have around 500GB in their internal hard drives. Both Switches have 32GB of internal storage, and that’s a huge difference.

There is a way to counter the issue of small storage for both Switches, and it is the micro SD cards. To gather up all 32GB of storage, here are examples of Switch games and their required space to be included internally:

Fire Emblem: Three Houses – 11.9GB
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – 13.6GB
Pokémon Sword And Shield – 10.3GB

If one were to download these games digitally, they will be 3.8GB short, and that’s only for three games! This is where micro SD cards come in to help ease the frustration of having little space. Here are some of the best micro SD cards for your Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite.

Best Micro SD Cards for the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite

SanDisk micro SD card


Seeing as how Nintendo has an official brand for a micro SD card, SanDisk offers three options starting at 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB. The latter two are pretty pricey but will give you much-needed space to download games digitally. The 256GB can hold up to about 21 games digitally, and that is a lot compared to at least three for the Switch/Switch Lite’s internal storage.

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Samsung EVO micro SD card

Samsung EVO

Samsung EVO micro SD cards are not officially licensed by Nintendo but are a budget-friendly option if the SanDisk is too much money for you. Since the micro SD cards do not have the Nintendo brand anywhere near Samsung, the prices are friendlier and offer as much space. The EVO goes up to 128 GB, which half of SanDisk’s highest offering of 256, but price-wise is better in comparison.

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Netac micro SD card


The Netac micro SD card might be used for other devices such as a phone, but it is compatible with both Nintendo Switch variants and boasts affordable prices for each amount of gigabytes in each micro SD card. The brand ranges from 8GB to 128GB, which can be beneficial if you need more space for just one game or 10. It can be used for other means of storage, but for Nintendo Switch digital games; this is another decent option for more storage in your Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite.

Be sure to keep in mind that these micro SD cards will only save downloadable games and files, and not save data. Save data is only on the Switch/Switch Lite system, and there is no external source or cloud save data.

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