Nintendo Switch icons from past events will be rotating daily, giving fans a second shot at collecting them

Old Nintendo icons are coming back.

Image via Nintendo

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Nintendo has revealed that Switch profile icons from past events will rotate back in the Missions & Rewards for the Nintendo Switch Online. Returning icons are brought back daily, meaning players have a second opportunity to collect icons from past events they missed out on the first time around. Returning icons will continue re-appearing on the Nintendo Switch Online until January 7, 2023. Icons that are returning to the Nintendo Switch Online include previous release titles like Kirby and The Forgotten Land, Super Mario Odyssey, and Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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Mario Odyssey will be the first set of icons to be made available again, returning on December 23 and lasting until December 31. After Odyssey, Breath of the Wild icons will return on December 14 and remain purchasable until January 1, 2023. Then the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe icons will become available again on December 25 and remain available until January 2. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 icons will return on December 26 and remain until January 3. Mario Strikers: Battle League icons will return on December 27 and remain until January 4. Kirby’s Dream Buffet icons returns on December 28 and will last until January 5. Old NES icons will return on December 29 and remain available until January 7. Finally, Kirby and the Forgotten Land icons, which only just left the Mission & Rewards today, will return only on December 30.

Nintendo Switch Icons are images that are displayed on the player’s profile. It’s the image that the player chooses to represent themselves on their Home Console and Online. Gamers are given a limited set of icons to choose from, but they can purchase more on the Nintendo Switch Online tab on the Home menu. Icons will be found under the Missions & Rewards option in the Online tab and can be purchased with Platinum Points, a type of currency players earn by using various Nintendo services or as prizes for promotions. Icons are often only available for a limited time and are typically used to promote a recently released title.