OG Fortnite Teasers Appear In Ninja, Courage, & DrLupo’s Yards Ahead Of Throwback Season

Fortnite streamers have awoken today to find massive signs from the game’s Chapter 1 maps as the return to that era is officially confirmed.

fortnite streamers getting signs featured image

Image via Ninja and CouRage

A few Fortnite streamers who played the Battle Royale at its peak popularity woke up to find colossal versions of in-game signage from Fortnite’s Chapter 1 maps. It can’t be a coincidence that Epic Games also confirmed an imminent return to the Chapter on the same day.

Streamers Nina, DrLupo, and Courage all posted about massive Fortnite Chapter 1 signage invading their yards today. Epic Games also finally confirmed that next week, the game will see a return to Chapter 1 maps. It’s something that leakers have been hinting at for weeks. This is set to be a huge moment in Fortnite’s history, nodding to the game’s past as it moves further into the future.

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Long-Running Fortnite Streamers Recieve Colossal Chapter 1-Themed Fortnite “Gifts” From Epic Games

All three streamers posted today on their social media accounts about the giant signs they claim they’ve received overnight. While it seems pretty staged to us, we appreciate the drama, considering how exciting a return to Fortnite’s Chapter 1 maps is. The best part of the days’ shenanigans has to be Epic Games confirming the return to Chapter 1 on the official Fortnite account though.

Ninja’s present is the Durr Burger with graffiti on it that was used in one of the first trailers that brought the real world and Fortnite crashing together through rifts. This makes us more convinced than ever that the event, Fortnite: Where We Droppin’?, will return to the five seasons of Chapter 1 that focused on rifts.

Courage’s post shows him in various positions around the Truck ‘N’ Oasis sign. This is probably the biggest of all the signs delivered so far. It’s so big that Courage can hide behind it and looks dwarfed by it in one shot.

As for DrLupo, he claims he heard a huge bang overnight that he and his wife thought was an electrical issue. It turns out that the big bank was Epic Games dropping off the Dusty Diner coffee cup sign. If we had to pick one of these to keep, it’d be this one.

The overarching theme is that these signs have been dropped off at each steamer’s house. It might be a reach, but we think this fits well with the name of the event that takes players back to Fortnite’s Chapter 1 map and seasons, Where We Droppin’?