Fortnite: Where We Droppin’ Chapter 1 Event Dates, Details & Challenges

Fortnite: Where We Droppin’ is a return to Fortnite’s Chapter 1 roots and a journey throughout five entire seasons of change.


Image via Epic Games

In the lead-up to the end of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4, many players expected to start seeing leaks around the next Chapter or Season. However, they didn’t expect to see rumors about an epic return to Fortnite’s roots.

Every leaker, content creator, and player has started sharing what seems like pretty indisputable leaks and pre-emptive teasers for Fortnite: Where We Droppin’. This is set to be a mini-event to kick off Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 5 and take players on a journey through the seasons that helped Fortnite become what it is today.

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Fortnite: Where We Droppin’ Start & End Dates

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite: Where We Droppin’ will start as soon as Chapter 4 Season 4 ends and run for five weeks. According to the Chapter 4 Season 4 Battle Pass, this means it will start on November 3, 2023, and run until it ends on December 8, 2023. After that, we have no idea what will come to Fortnite, but it’ll most likely be a continuation of the overarching Chapter 4 storyline in Season 5.

Epic Games confirmed all of this in a post on Twitter after leaks drove fans crazy. The date and text confirm pretty much everything about a return to Chapter 1, and, therefore the journey through Chapter 1 Seasons.

What is Fortnite: Where We Droppin’

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite: Where We Droppin’ is said to be an event that takes players on a tour of classic Fortnite maps from the game’s history. For five weeks, players will be able to drop onto the maps from Fortnite Chapter 1 Seasons 5 to 10 in sequence, with a new one being featured each week. Some Chapter 1 items can already be found in the Chapter 4 Season 4 map.

While only the date has been confirmed, we believe that at the end of this event, the map will change once again as it did in Chapter 1 Season 10, and see an epic transformation into something players have never seen before.

Will Fortnite: Where We Droppin’ Have a Battle Pass

According to reliable leaker Fortnitebr, there will be a Battle Pass for the Fortnite: Where We Droppin’ Mini Season. The Battle Pass will feature skins from across all five of the Seasons the event explores, but many fans are hoping they’ll be remixed in some way so that they look fresh while paying homage to Fortnite’s roots.

What Seasons Will Fortnite: Where We Droppin’ Cover

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite: Where We Droppin’ is meant to cover the five seasons from Chapter 1 Season 5 to Season 10. This was leaked by content creators who have been working on the game since that time. Allegedly, Epic Games sent them creator kits with pins featuring logos for each of the five aforementioned seasons.

If this is true, it means that content creators could be working on the event ahead of its release with details direct from Epic Games. Considering most content creators on the game don’t get this type of treatment, Epic Games must be doing something pretty big with it.

The event will be a small part of the season, just the first five weeks, but it should be enough to draw in interest and give players a reason to work through the new Battle Pass. The question will be whether this event, like Fortnitemares, can keep players in the game after it ends.

Is Fortnite: Where We Droppin’ in Chapter 4 or Chapter 5

Image via Epic Games

As mentioned above, we’re unsure if Fortnite: Where We Droppin’ is part of Chapter 4 Season 5 or Chapter 5 Season 1. To date, none of the leaks and teasers have alluded to one specific Chapter, making it difficult to understand what Epic Games’ plan for the event is.

The mini-event could be its own self-contained season for five weeks and lead into Chapter 5 Season 1. This would make sense to us because the rift opening in Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 5 led up to the map and world of Fortnite irrevocably changing in Season X.

Fortnite: Where We Droppin’ Teases and Rumors

There are a few fairly concrete teasers and rumors for Fortnite: Where We Droppin’. Now that the event has pretty much been confirmed by Epic Games, these are nice to look back on to see what else could be coming in the event.

First is the image below from leaker HypeX. It’s said to be the poster for this event. It has a bug on the E because the creator who took a picture of it just happened to take it at the wrong time.

Another teaser comes from Salvatretzzo. This image of the supposed content creator pack features the pins showcasing logos for the five Seasons this event will explore.

This last one isn’t actually a teaser, but it’s pretty great. It’s a concept for what the creator believes will be Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 5. They’ve called it OG because of the OG pin in the above creator set. Even if it’s completely wrong, it’s good and would get us pumped to play.

The official Fortnite Twitter account is adding to the teasers with images of its own. This one shows some of the revamped skins players can expect to pick up, as well as Chapter 1 items in the background.