Oh great, shiny Pokémon are spawning inside walls in Scarlet and Violet

They don’t exactly shine through geometry.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Finding a shiny Pokémon is a special event. When the Pokémon you’re familiar with suddenly spawns with a totally different color scheme, it’s a big deal. Some shinies aren’t quite as exciting, but their spawn rate is still the same — it’s 1 in 4,096 in Scarlet and Violet. Those are already slim odds, but when you tack on the fact that shinies are apparently spawning inside inaccessible spots within walls, it becomes downright annoying.

Nintendo Life rounded up a few instances of folks frustrated by this fact. The strongest example comes from shiny hunter and Twitch streamer @RyanWasTakenToo. During one stream, Ryan encountered a shiny Frigibax that happened to be wandering around inside a cave wall. Fortunately, it could be seen by clipping the camera through the wall, and in the end, it was caught with a well-aimed Pokéball throw. Still, Scarlet and Violet players can’t be expected to look beyond the edge of the game map as they hunt down shinies. Some have suggested adding an audio cue to signify when a shiny is nearby.

Hopefully, this issue is addressed in some way in a future patch. Nintendo Life’s article shows some other examples like a shiny Pupitar and a shiny Skiddo out of sight on the other side of walls, and replies to Ryan’s tweet share their own similar stories. Clearly, the problem is common. We do know that Scarlet and Violet will get bug fixes in a future update, and this issue ought to be on the list. The Gen 9 Pokémon games became known for their glitches and technical issues almost immediately, but in spite of those, they passed 10 million copies sold in just three days. It helps that some of the glitches are really funny.

If this news doesn’t discourage you from shiny Hunting in Scarlet and Violet yourself, we have a few tips to help you get your collection going. Step one is getting the Shiny Charm, then you can peep our list of the best shiny Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet to start building your checklist.