Player Discovers Baldur’s Gate 3 Uses RGB Interactions Out The Box

Watch your hardware light as you blast off Fire Bolts and fail your die rolls.

Image Via Larian Studios

While Baldur’s Gate 3 has had plenty of stories surrounding its freeform gameplay and the creative ways players enjoy the game, one player has highlighted a cool feature involving their RGB and the hugely popular title.

Turns out, certain RGB keyboards will interact and react with Baldur’s Gate 3, with extra flair and lighting changes that are a nice extra bit of polish from the developers.

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Player’s RGB Keyboard Reacts to Casting Spells and Dice Rolls in Baldur’s Gate 3

Image Via Larian Studios

A Reddit user by the name u/lunchanddinner showcased this discovery, which included a 30-second video showcasing this cool feature while they performed different actions in their Baldur’s Gate 3 game.

In the video, we see the RGB inaction on a few different occasions, the first being the user rolling his die for an intimidation check, with his successful roll causing his setup to glow and light up blue along with the game. The next sees the user dishing out a fire bolt, with the keyboard and lights taking on a red hue before and as he casts the spell. In some more subtle uses, we also see the number light up to correspond with different dialogue options and the whole keyboard turning into a loading bar, with the keyboard lighting up from left to right as if it were a progress bar.

It’s a simple but nice extra detail that fans will likely appreciate, and many of the comments on this post did not even know that this could happen. Some also shared their experience with this feature, with one user saying they first noticed it during a critical failure that made their setup go blood red, adding “more insult to injury.”

It should be noted that this seems to only work with Razor keyboards with full RGB chroma control, as other users with hardware like Logitech and Corsair do not have this happen with their setup. However, this seems to work automatically for users who have the right gear, so be sure to check when you next jump in.

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Elsewhere in Baldur’s Gate, we’ve seen players getting creative with their builds and gameplay, with WWE Owlbear attacks, summoner build, and a devasting monk build to name a few. We expect to see more players discovering the secrets to Baldur’s Gate as players enjoy more playthroughs and creative ideas during their time with the game.