Players are throwing their tools out of the toolbox over Dead by Daylight’s new Killer and Survivor perks

Some fans are just thirsty for The Skull Merchant.

Image via Behaviour Interactive

A portion of the Dead by Daylight community is taking every opportunity it gets to tell developer Behaviour Interactive how much they dislike the new Killer and perks in the upcoming Chapter Tools of Torment. There seems to be a three-way split between those excited about it, those who want something different, and those who can’t take their eyes off The Skull Merchant.

A new behind-the-scenes feature video for Dead by Daylight Tools of Torment was published yesterday. It shows off more gameplay of the Chapter’s new Killer and her drone ability in action. Also shown were the two new Survivors, though their perks are more difficult to convey. The comments on this video are almost entirely negative. No one is outright offensive to the developer in what they say, but the resounding feeling from this part of the community is that they want something different from this Chapter.

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The primary source of complaints is The Skull Merchant’s power, Eyes in the Sky. This ability gives the Killer four drones to place around the map, which will then scan for Survivors and alert the Killer if any are detected. Survivors have a chance to disable these drones but can fail easily. Some fans feel that this ability is too passive, giving the Killer a way to see her prey but not actively harm them. Compared to The Knight, which can place ghost soldiers that do something similar to these drones but also deal damage to Survivors, The Skull Merchant seems like a step-down.

Dead by Daylight has many Killers, and not all of them have abilities or passive powers that allow them to damage Survivors. Usually, this is leveled out with perks that boost these abilities to lead to higher damage output, but some fans believe The Skull Merchant’s powers are far too situational to be useful. This may be deliberate if the new Killer is deemed one of the more difficult to master and play as by the developer.

Behaviour Interactive also comments on how the new Survivor perks added with this Chapter, the Teamwork perks, will provide a yet-to-be-revealed bonus advantage to the two Survivors using them. It explains that this is something that’s never been done in the game before, different from the other perk combinations already available. This will no doubt play into team strategies once the Chapter has been released. Interestingly, players don’t seem impressed by this, but the true test will be how the wider fan base receives the perks on March 7.

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Dead by Daylight Tools of Torment introduces the first sibling Survivor pair and the first female original Killer. Separate from the positive and negative comments regarding the new Chapter, some fans are simply expressing their love for her. Some so much so that they insist they won’t run from her so they can feel her cybernetic embrace.