Players have some strange problems with Halo Infinite

The gameplay is fine, but the massive doors make it unplayable, apparently.

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Image via Microsoft

The first Halo Infinite technical test flight is now over, but that hasn’t stopped players from talking about it all over Twitter. While you’d expect most of the chatter to focus on the shooting mechanics and how this compares to every previous Halo entry, there seem to be more players who are bothered about the little things like fruit, posters, and the size of the game’s doors.

One user shared an image that’s been doing the rounds the most. It shows a Spartan soldier standing next to a door in Halo Infinite. It’s common knowledge that Spartans tower above even the above-average human at between seven and eight feet tall. If that’s true, though, then the doors in this game look like they’ve been built for giants twice that height.

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Of course, this is a technical test, so nothing should be taken as final. The doors are likely so large from an oversight. As far as we know, this type of detail should be less conspicuous in the final release.

The other detail fans have latched onto is how realistically the fruit in Halo Infinite’s technical test exploded. In the tech test, fruit appears to be made up of simple blocks that disappear in a red splat after a few bullets hit them, while in titles like 2019’s Modern Warfare, fruit explodes as individual pieces, each one with its own physics and realistic splatter. 343 Industries was probably far more concerned about making the moment-to-moment gameplay more enjoyable than standing around shooting fruit. Still, for at least one player, they seem to have hindered the entire experience.

Finally, there’s the questionable posture of Master Chief himself in the following poster.

While it looks like Master Chief is meant to look like he’s running and checking for enemies, it just looks like he has neck. However, it has to be said that the developers almost certainly didn’t anticipate that anyone would look at this specific poster in such detail. It’s also little more than set dressing, something to make the world feel fuller and more lived in as you rush through shooting other players.

These issues are pretty small in the grand scheme of things. However, they could also be fixed when the game launches later this year as long as there’s time. 343 Industries likely made decisions so that elements of the technical test such as those above didn’t need to be worked on as much as the core experience to avoid any unnecessary crunch. The same decision will almost certainly be carried through to the remainder of the game’s development.