Players Pay Homage to Deep Stone Lullaby’s Composer Amid Destiny 2 Layoffs

Destiny 2 players are saddened that Deep Stone Lullaby’s composer, Michael Salvatori is part of Bungie’s layoffs.


Screenshot via Bungie

Yesterday, Destiny 2 fans were stunned when Bungie laid off a sizeable number of staff. As the news sunk in overnight, players became even more downhearted as they realized the composer for Deep Stone Lullaby was among those who lost their jobs.

Deep Stone Lullaby is renowned as the most beautiful piece of music in Destiny 2. Players who entered the Deep Stone Crypt raid on day one were so stunned by it that they intentionally stuck around in an early encounter to hear it in its entirety. Some players still do this today, but the experience might be soured slightly as Bungie has parted ways with its composer without mentioning their impact on the game.

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Destiny 2 Players Gutted That Bungie Let Composer Michael Salvatori Go

It was reported yesterday that Destiny 2 and Marathon developer Bunige laid off dozens of staff members without notice or warning. The staff departed the company immediately, meaning most have had no time to process what’s happened or share their feelings online.

Following the news of these layoffs hitting, Destiny 2 fans have discovered that composer Michael Salvatori was among those let go. Salvatori worked on the most incredible piece of music in Destiny 2, Deep Stone Lullaby, and fans have been sharing it everywhere they can as a tribute to something every player fell in love with when it was first released.

Deep Stone Lullaby was so popular when the Deep Stone Crypt raid was first released that Bungie published a video with the piece in it so players could enjoy it whenever they wanted. The only alternative before this was to hop into the raid and sit on the space station’s exterior while the track played out.

Even today, fans are expressing their love for this music. “One of gaming’s greatest musical pieces.” But it’s a double-edged sword because they’re also angry that Bungie cut ties with the composer without any acknowledgment of his work on Destiny 2. “I can’t believe the disrespect of that man after all he has given :/”

Bungie is the latest in a series of developers to lay off large numbers of staff in the last month. It’s impossible to say why these layoffs need to happen, but no matter how essential they are to keep a developer afloat, the impacts of each one are far-reaching.