Pokémon Scarlet and Violet fans already know how many towns they want in the game

That’s very specific.

Image via The Pokemon Company

Between fanart and all sorts of fan theories, Pokémon players are a passionate bunch. Scarlet and Violet will be taking us to a new Iberian Peninsula-style setting, and while developer Game Freak has yet to even tell us the name of the new region, the fans already know what they want to see there.

ResetEra user Magister Xehanort created a poll on the popular gaming forum after Scarlet and Violet’s second trailer revealed a bunch of new info about the game. “How many of cities and towns do you want in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet?” It’s a specific question, but the fans are happy to answer it. As of the time of this writing, just over 40% of voters want between five and nine in the final adventure.

That would actually make it the least dense of the current Pokémon regions — Sun and Moon’s Alola has the least of these locations, at nine. As Magister Xehanort points out, Black and White’s Unova has more than any other game, at 20. For the most part, those who answered the poll care more about quality than quantity. “I’ll take less if they’re going to be of ‘higher quality city design-wise,” says Jawmuncher. “Too many modern cities would be a mistake,” Glio warns.

The question of Scarlet and Violet being an open-world game also comes up in several responses. This is indeed the direction that Game Freak is taking things with the new versions. That’s why we’ve seen outdoor Pokémon Centers and four-player multiplayer in the latest trailer. Scarlet and Violet are looking to offer large-scale adventures for multiple trainers in the wild.

There’s still plenty of room for speculation though. The Past and Future Theory around the game is quite interesting, examining how the new professors and legendary Pokémon play into the theme of different time periods. We have a few months to go before these theories can really be tested, as Scarlet and Violet’s release date is November 18.