PUBG Mobile bans 2.2 million accounts for hacking

Another wave of Ban Pan received by PUBG Mobile players.

Image via PUBG Mobile

The developers behind PUBG Mobile have recently released their latest report regarding hackers in the game, where they have issued a 10-year ban to 2,245,936 accounts from September 4 to September 10. These accounts will not be able to enter into the game servers for using unfair means to get an advantage over other players. Here are the complete details and statistics shared by the developers regarding the latest ban wave.

Image via PUBG Mobile

The reasons for banning these accounts include the use of X-Ray Vision, Auto-Aim Cheats, Speed Cheats, and other cheats. Here is the percentage distribution amongst cheaters:

  • 52%: X-Ray Vision
  • 23%: Auto-Aim Cheats
  • 8%: Speed Cheats
  • 6%: Modification of Character Model
  • 5%: Modification of Area Damage
  • 6%: Other

Among these, the 4,449 video review investigators have assisted in suspending 12,022 of these accounts using the Video Review Station. Video Review Station is part of the anti-cheating system added with the PUBG Mobile 1.0 Update, in which selected players review the video footage of a reported player and determine if there is any rule-breaking taking place. You can get detailed info regarding the latest addition to the anti-cheat system here.