Sonic Prime premieres early for Roblox players this week

Get primed for Prime this weekend.

Image via @NetflixGeeked

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Sonic fans are eating well right now. Frontiers is off to a smashing start, becoming a Black Friday bestseller after a successful launch. Soon enough, the franchise’s newest cartoon, Sonic Prime, will make its debut too. If you’re a Roblox player, you’ll be able to see it a full five days ahead of everyone else.

Sonic Prime is a Netflix series, but the first episode will premiere in Roblox this weekend before it hits the streaming service a bit later. As announced by the Netflix Geeked Twitter account, Sonic Prime will premiere on Saturday, December 10 at 10 AM ET / 7 AM PT. To watch, you’ll have to log into the Sonic Speed Simulator within Roblox (the crossover game debuted back in the spring). Netflix also promised “free giveaways” and other activities within the simulator around the premiere. For those waiting for the show’s Netflix arrival, Sonic Prime will start streaming there on Thursday, December 15.

We got a good idea about the tone of Sonic Prime from its first teaser a few months ago. It’s the first Sonic show to be set in the multiverse, which breaks open after a particularly harrowing battle between our speedy hero and Dr. Eggman. The first teaser also confirmed Shadow as part of the show. Regulars like Tails, Amy, Knuckles, and Rouge are all part of the cast too. Another trailer showed a bunch of the worlds that Sonic and his friends will be speeding through, including a jungle, the future, and a sea of pirates.

All this content has Sonic fans showing their appreciation for the blue blur. Sonic Frontiers and Genshin Impact were battling it out for The Game Awards’ 2022 Players’ Voice prize. Voting is closed now, so we’ll have to tune in to the show to see if Sonic managed to come out on top. The Game Awards air December 8 at 7:30 PM ET / 4:30 PM PT.