Spider-Man’s Mary Jane Watson is coming to Fortnite Chapter 3 as an NPC, says leaker

She will reportedly spawn at the Daily Bugle.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Spider-Man’s long-time love interest, Mary Jane Watson, will reportedly come to Fortnite Chapter 3 as an NPC, Fortnite content creator ShiinaBR said on Tuesday. The leaker alleged the character would spawn in at Chapter 3’s new Daily Bugle point of interest.

Working with fellow Fornite dataminers XTigerHyperX2 and FunGamesLeaks, ShiinaBR uncovered data pertaining to an unfinished NPC named “Mary Jane” within the game’s files. It’s currently unclear whether the character will be playable or not.

Spider-Man played a large role in Fortnite Chapter 3’s launch. The character was front-and-center in Chapter 3’s promotional materials. He’s also now a playable character and one new item, the Web-Shooters, was directly inspired by the web-slinging superhero. Mary Jane’s alleged location, the Daily Bugle, is also the name of the newspaper Peter Parker typically works for. In a blog post, Epic Games previously said to expect “a few friends and foes” of Spider-Man’s to pop up throughout the season. It looks like Mary Jane might be the first one of Spidey’s allies to come to the island.

Other Spider-Man hopefuls include the iconic Green Goblin, Into the Spiderverse star Miles Morales, and the X-Men, who may not originate from the Spider-Man comics, but have teamed up with the webhead on quite a few occasions. Images depicting these characters have been found throughout Chapter 3’s new island, leading some to believe Epic might be teasing their inclusion.