Surprise, a secret exotic mission has dropped in Destiny 2

We’ve been waiting for this discovery.

Image via Bungie

Following multiple fan requests for more secret exotic quests in Destiny 2, Bungie has delivered. A new exotic quest has dropped in the game, but you won’t see it in the traditional channels after you wrap up your weekly quests. Instead, players will need to go out of their way to activate this quest and uncover the exotic weapon awaiting them on the other end. Destiny 2 players have been waiting a long time for a secret quest like this to show itself, and we’re happy to see Bungie come through on this request.

The secret exotic quest is called Node.Ovrd.Avalon, and players can start it by making their way to The Gulch in the EDZ. Multiple Vex nodes will appear throughout the area when they arrive at the center, and players need to collect all six to acquire the code. Once they have the code, they need to bring it to a specific cave in that region, where a Vex Harpy is waiting.

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Multiple players have already found out about this secret and begun posting about it and the exotic available on the other end. The quest is a good way to test Destiny 2 players asking for this type of secret, with a maze full of multiple dead ends and puzzles to uncover. Although some players have already completed the quest, many will likely be working their way through it for the next few days.

The past few weeks have been a rollercoaster for Bungie and Destiny 2 players. Although Lightfall did not have the best start, many cite that they purely have a problem with the story and lore surrounding the expansion, rather than the content. At first, many were hesitant to try out the new Darkness-based Strand subclass, but after Bungie gave access to all the Fragments for it, many players are excited to be using Strand in their weekly activities and are already creating builds to use for the upcoming day one raid releasing on Friday, The Root of Nightmares.

This secret exotic quest is undoubtedly one of the high points for players. Many are also excited about the multiple upcoming secrets Bungie has been promising leading up to the Lightfall release.