Destiny 2 Exotic weapon is so broken that Bungie disables it in all raids, dungeons, and Gambit

Glaive go brrrrrrrrr.

Image via Bungie

Bungie is having to do a lot of quick maintenance in the time since its latest Destiny 2 expansion, Lightfall, launched earlier this week. Just yesterday the team even took to Twitter to put out a PSA warning players that they could potentially skip an important cutscene unintentionally, and now an even bigger problem has surfaced. Fans have discovered that the Winterbite Glaive Exotic weapon currently has a glitch so powerful that the developer has been forced to disable its use in almost all relevant content for the moment.

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The glitch in question causes the Winterbite Glaive to dish out a ton of damage randomly with its projectiles. Players haven’t figured out exactly what causes the bug to occur, but the damage is so high that it can potentially one-shot most enemies and even bosses. While Bungie works on a fix, it has decided the best course of action is to not allow the weapon to continue to break the game for the time being. Players can no longer use it in any raids, dungeons, or Gambit content.

The Winterbite Glaive Exotic weapon has been a popular item for players to get in Lightfall. It is a reward for completing a lengthy Strider quest chain. Players do understand why it needed to be disabled for the moment, speculating that the projectile damage is counting one instance of shatter damage as multiple hits. Some players have also noticed that the glaive has an additional bug where procing Close to Melee on any glaive will also buff the Winterbite Glaive as well.

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Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion has been quite successful since launch, but fan reception has been mixed overall. Many see it as a step down from the Witch Queen expansion, but Bungie has definitely been working hard to address any pain points that the players have brought to light.