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Sylas the Unshackled set to star in a new League of Legends spin-off game, according to leaks

More Runeterra stories are always a good thing.

Riot Forge is a publishing wing for standalone games tied to Riot’s gaming universes that have brought us titles such as Ruined King and Hextech Mayhem. They seem to have sprung a leak recently because a new game has been reported to have appeared on the Korean game rating board. If the leak is to be believed, the game is titled Magehunter: A League of Legends Story.

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The info was first spotted by Gematsu, and with a title like that, it follows that the game would center around Sylas, a Demacian magehunter who turned fugitive after breaking their taboos about magic and ultimately sparking the Demacian Civil War. In the League of Legends universe, Runeterra, Demacia is a notoriously anti-magic state which persecutes all mages (or most, if we count Lux). Sylas appeared in the famous Warriors 2020 promotional video, where he battled Garen until Lux summoned Galio to crush him from the sky. Ever since then, players and lore enthusiasts have been chomping to learn more about the Unshackled renegade’s story.

In terms of gameplay, it looks like Magehunter will be an action-oriented single-player game. The assumption is based on the listing on the Korean game rating board, which states that the game will be filled with action scenes, with the player battling various human and non-human foes, while remaining suitable for players of ages 12 and up. This means that it will keep the level of violence down to approximately the same level as League of Legends itself. With the game dealing with Sylas and Demacia, that could mean possible (or rather, likely) appearances by Garen, Lux, Quinn, and possibly Galio and Jarvan IV. 

While it’s too early to tell, we hope to see an expanded story for the characters involved in the game, with the storyline dealing with the lore of Runeterra in a similar way to which Ruined King tackled the story of Viego and the protagonists of that game. In the meantime, we will keep an eye out for news and details regarding the development and release of Riot Forge’s new game, Magehunter, and their other upcoming titles Conv/rgence and Song of Nunu.

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