Tenet’s director Christopher Nolan will bring a full-length free movie on Fortnite

It’s happening this summer.


Christopher Nolan will be bringing one of his iconic films to watch on Fortnite, which he revealed during the Tenet trailer premiere.

The full-length movie will be coming on Epic Games’ battle royale this summer and will a “free screening for fans,” Geoff Keighley, who helped with the premiere, added on Twitter.

“Chris is a master storyteller who transcends mediums; he sees the power of gaming to bring us together – just like going to the movies,” Keighley also mentioned detailing how and why Nolan is doing this.

The name of the movie remains unknown as of now, but we do know it won’t be the upcoming Tenet that just received a brand new trailer that debuted on Fortnite.

The director is known for his Batman trilogy and Memento, The Prestige, Inception, Dunkirk, so the selection on which to pick up will likely be rather tough.

This will be another step into expanding Fortnite‘s role as a social space more than a simple video game, after the release of Tenet‘s trailer for players to watch live through the title.

The game has already made similar initiatives with Star Wars, which premiered The Rise of Skywalker‘s trailer (and then had some crossover events with the brand).

More recently, Fortnite has hosted a “musical journey” featuring rapper Travis Scott, who revealed a brand new track through the game as part of a record-breaking event.