That’s no Mimic — it’s the brand new Pokémon Gimmighoul coming to Pokémon Go and Scarlet & Violet

Gimme gold, I’m Gimmighoul!

Image via Nintendo

The new Gen 9 Pokémon just keep on coming. We actually met the latest addition through a Pokémon Go datamine just a few days ago, but now it’s been officially revealed. Gimmighoul is a little creature that loves gold, and it continues the trend of great wordplay in Pokémon names.

Gimmighoul is a new discovery within the fictional world of Pokémon too. The debut trailer shows GO’s Professor Willow and Scarlet and Violet’s Mr. Jacq discussing the new species. Yes, that does mean that Gimmighoul will be appearing in both the next mainline Pokémon game and the mobile spinoff too. It wouldn’t be the first time Pokémon Go was home to a newcomer — Meltan was a trendsetter in that sense.

As shown in the trailer, Gimmighoul can take two different forms: Chest and Roaming. The former is when it resides inside a treasure chest full of coins, and the latter is when it roams around wearing a single coin on its back. If some previous Scarlet and Violet leaks are to be trusted, collecting enough coins around the map will actually lead to Gimmighoul’s evolution. Either way, it’s nice to meet another new face coming in the ninth generation of Pokémon.

Gimmighoul is the latest in a long line of ‘mons that have been introduced in this way. Most recently, we met Greavard, a friendly little ghost dog with a candle on its head. Prior to that, we were introduced to the big, round electric frog Bellibolt. We’ve been through more than 20 years of Pokémon so far, but clearly The Pokémon Company isn’t short on ideas.

We’ll be able to experience all the new features soon: the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet release date is Friday, November 18. Gimmighoul might be coming to both the new versions and Pokémon Go, but Scarlet and Violet are still Nintendo Switch exclusives.