The Light falls early – Destiny 2 Lightfall’s opening cutscene has already been datamined

Take in every detail before you sit down to play.

Image via Bungie

Destiny 2 Lightfall isn’t due to be released until tomorrow, but clever dataminers have already uncovered and shared the opening cutscene for the expansion. Spoilers ahead for those that want to enjoy this the first time around when diving into the expansion in search of Strand.

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Destiny 2’s expansions are probably its greatest source of cutscenes. Seasons drop a few now and then to help push the story forward, but it’s the paid expansions that have always brought the most bombastic moments. The opening cutscene for Lightfall, leaked earlier today by YouTuber Trance, is no exception.

There are many moments in this cutscene that we’ve seen before, such as The Witness calling on Calus as its disciple, the planet Neptune, and The Witness shearing a few Guardians into pieces. What hasn’t been shown before is what the result of being hit by The Traveler’s beam does. It seems as though the entity isn’t capable of harm, instead blasting pure life energy at the Pyramid ships. This creates plants that swirl and grow through the Pyramid ship’s hull and around The Witness.

It’s interesting that The Traveler seems to seek out The Witness with this beam as if reaching for it. The Witness then moves toward The Traveler and is surprised when its attempt at attacking or piercing it doesn’t have any effect. We also get to see that the Pyramid ships do indeed seal The Traveler behind some sort of barrier. What this does, we’ll have to wait and see.

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The move to Neptune is triggered by both The Witness and Osiris simultaneously. The Witness works out from The Traveler that what it seeks is on the world, just as Osiris sees that realization. The old Warlock prompts everyone else to head to Neptune even though he has no Ghost to bring him back if he dies.

The point where this cutscene ends will likely transition to the ship flying screen that you see every time you load into a new destination. From there, we’d expect to see the first mission of the Lightfall campaign begin, with more cutscenes to follow. Unfortunately, there’s very little we can do with the information in this cutscene until we get deeper into Lightfall’s story tomorrow.