There will be no sanctuary when Diablo 4’s open beta heats up in late March

Stay awhile and listen.

Image via Blizzard

Those looking to sink their teeth into Diablo IV will finally have their chance in just a little over a month. Blizzard lit up the media at IGN Fan Fest this weekend by spotlighting a new and unique in-game trailer that players will experience in the beta. This is just one of the many that will be featured throughout the game. Those who pre-purchased Diablo IV will get access to the beta on March 17-19 before an open beta kicks off on March 24-26, giving lucky gamers a chance to face off against the ungodly creatures plaguing Sanctuary.

During both the open beta and early access weekends that follow, players will get a taste of the early game of Diablo IV. This includes the prologue and all of the first act, which takes place in a zone called Fractured Peaks. Players are free to explore as they see fit in this open world setting.

During the beta, characters can reach a maximum level of 25. Players are able to keep adventuring once they reach the level cap, and there will be dungeons, quests, and loot to find. Of course, this is a beta and things will likely break during testing. All feedback will be collected and Blizzard will make changes as needed. The developers will also be hosting a livestream update on February 28 at 11:00 AM PT.

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Blizzard has explained that the announcement cutscene is unique in the fact that it features your customized character, including and not limited by the crazy customizations and outfits you decide to create for them. There will be more cutscenes like this spread throughout the beta and the final game.

Players can sign up for the open beta by visiting the official Diablo IV site. Those who preorder the game are guaranteed access, and people chosen via signing up will be able to jump in during open beta. Diablo IV officially launches later this year on June 5.