Tired of Elden Ring’s melee weapons and spells? Play as Master Chief with a BR in new mod

Finish the fight, Tarnished.

Image via asmartcowmods

We’ve seen a number of mods come to Elden Ring since its launch in February. Some are simple reskins, like replacing your armaments with Link’s Master Sword and Hylian Shield. Others completely change the way the game is played by adding new classes and making changes to the existing ones. This latest creation does both.

Creator A Smart Cow has uploaded their Master Chief Armor Gunnery mod to NexusMods, where any Elden Ring PC player can grab it. This makes a few significant changes to the game, the most obvious being that your player character will resemble Master Chief when the mod is active. Torrent already works really hard to carry the Tarnished across The Lands Between, and Spartan armor has to be even heavier.

Horse rides aside, A Smart Cow’s project pairs with another mod to really change up Elden Ring’s gameplay. Their description says JosieIRL’s Gunner Class mod (also available on NexusMods) is required to make use of Master Chief. The Gunner Class mode replaces Elden Ring’s Pulley Crossbow and Soldier Crossbow with an M16 rifle and Remington shotgun, respectively. Most players have to decide between going with a close-quarters melee build or a ranged spell caster, but that mod provides a third, drastically different option.

With both mods open, the M16 is reskinned as Halo’s classic battle rifle. Considering all the dragon bosses found in Elden Ring, there’s something to be said for riding around with a battle rifle and clipping their wings. Flying Dragon Agheel is in for a nasty surprise when he tries to ambush you at Limgrave lake.

As always, remember that using mods means you’ll have to play Elden Ring offline. Considering the trouble that FromSoftware has had with its online functionality on PC, that’s definitely a good thing — especially when some modders are out there trying to make the game even more challenging.