Elden Ring roleplay mod adds new class and changes to current classes

The Cavalier rides into battle.

Image via hellgeist

Elden Ring has a number of classes to choose from. Your Tarnished can take on the role of an Astrologer, a Bandit, a Samurai, and more as they journey through The Lands Between. Modder hellgeist wasn’t pleased with some of the differences between classes, so they made their own.

Their Roleplay Classes mod is available on Nexus Mods, and it makes some big changes to Elden Ring’s character builder. “This mod adds a heavy armor specialist class to the game and edits some details of the other classes for roleplay purposes,” says hellgeist’s description. “The goal is to provide a couple of archetypes which seem to be absent (archer and tank) and to define the classes by names which I feel are a little more indicative of what they actually do.” To maintain the same number of classes, hellgeist removed the Samurai and replaced it with the new Cavalier.

This is intended to be the aforementioned “tank” build, as the Cavalier begins with highly damage-resistant armor. The goal is to offer a class that “should never resort to rolling around,” instead of being able to stand firm and absorb blows. Modder hellgeist also gets out ahead of any complaints about this class being too easy to use, stating that it simply offers “an alternate way of playing the game.” That is certainly true.

Along with the Cavalier come name changes to existing classes. The Astrologer is now the Scholar, the Vagabond is now the Man at Arms, and so on. The Bandit has become the Ranger, and its starting equipment has changed to reflect that. It starts with a short sword and long bow “with many more arrows,” changed from the knife and short bow.

As with any Elden Ring mod, you’re required to play the game offline to make use of this. It’s especially important when you mess with core classes in this way. Still, the same goes for simple reskins like Link’s Master Sword and Hylian Shield or the Tree Sentinel’s horse turning into Thomas the Tank Engine.