Titan Comics announces a Dead by Daylight prequel comic featuring The Legion

Every issue of the comic comes with a unique game code.


Image via Titan Comics

Titan Comics has announced a new Dead by Daylight comic in collaboration with the game’s developer Behaviour Interactive. The comic is a prequel featuring a story surrounding The Legion, one of the game’s original Killers not associated with a franchise tie-in.

The official Dead by Daylight Twitter account teased an announcement with Titan Comics last week, and today the comic has been officially revealed. The first issue will go on sale on May 24, and it’s been confirmed that each one will come with a unique game code. We suspect these game codes will give players different cosmetic items for The Legion, and you’ll need to buy every issue to own all parts of an outfit seen in the comics. Issue #1 comes with a code for an in-game Charm, possibly the one shown on the Killer on the far right of the comic’s front cover.

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The Legion is one of the many Killers in Dead by Daylight that Behaviour Interactive created from scratch. The lore behind it is that four murderous maniacs with a fetish for dealing pain all don The Legion’s mask at some point or another to roam the streets and cause immense amounts of suffering with nothing but a rusty blade.

The comic series will explore the origins of The Legion, how these four people came together, and the moment the idea for the brutal Killer was born. It features stunning artwork from artists such as Ivan Tao, who did the front cover for issue #1. Pre-orders go live on February 17 through local comic stores and Forbidden Planet.

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Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical horror game where four players take on the role of Survivors and try to repair five generators in order to escape a hellish landscape. Meanwhile, a fifth player takes on the role of a Killer and hunts down each Survivor, hitting them with all manner of brutal weapons before hanging them from a meat hook for a mysterious and powerful creature called The Entity to devour. The Legion is a Killer that the community isn’t too fond of due to the lack of a supernatural element to it. Instead of being a terrifying monster that can teleport or shock Survivors, The Legion instead slashes them and causes them to slowly bleed out and fall to the ground unless they fix their wounds. Perhaps this prequel comic will give players a reason to love the misunderstood Killer more.