Best Legion build in Dead by Daylight

We are Legion.

Image via Behaviour Interactive YouTube

Legion isn’t considered one of the top-tier killers in Dead by Daylight. Since their release in December 2018, the character has seen a lot of nerfs that’s taken them down a few pegs. However, if we’ve learned anything from Dead by Daylight, it’s that even low-tier killers can become a real threat with the correct setup. We’ve created a guide on the perfect Legion build.

While Legion doesn’t possess supernatural powers or deadly weapons, there is one special attribute they possess that very few killers can rival: their speed. Feral Frenzy, allows the killer to run at high speed and chain attacks between survivors. This power gives the Legion a couple of abilities. First, when this power is active, Legion can vault over pallets or windows, making him a killer that’s hard to get rid of. Second, they gain a special attack only available when Feral Frenzy is active called Feral Slash. Hitting a survivor with Feral Slash puts that player into the injured state and gives them the Deep Wound status effect. Additionally, hitting a survivor will refill Legion’s power and will reveal all unafflicted survivors within his terror radius via Killer Instinct. Note, hitting a survivor who is already affected by Deep Wound will end Feral Frenzy and put it on cooldown.

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We want to take advantage of Legion’s speed and the neat abilities he gains while in Feral Frenzy. With that in mind, we’ve prepared a build guide that will have you winning every Legion game.

Stolen Sketch Book or Mural Sketch (Add-on)

  • Both items Increases the duration of Feral Frenzy

Legion’s add-ons are great, so you can go with any of them. The only one we recommend is that you carry either Stolen Sketch Book or Mural Sketch as one of your add-ons. With both items, the duration of Feral Frenzy is longer than normal. So, if you find yourself in a long chase sequence with a player, you can’t go wrong with either add-on. Mural Sketch is also a great item for those who haven’t played with Legion a lot and are at the early stages of leveling up their blood web.

Barbeque and Chili (The Cannibal Perk)

  • After hooking a survivor, auras of players who are 40 meters or further from the hook will be revealed for four seconds

Barbeque and Chili is always a great perk to have, no matter who you’re playing as. It gives you an idea of where all the survivors are for a short period of time.

A Nurse’s Calling (The Nurse Perk)

  • Survivors who are healing or are being healed will be revealed to you if they are within a certain range

If any survivors try to heal in order to get rid of the Deep Wound or other status effects and they happen to be within range, you’ll know. Survivors are vulnerable during this state and because you’re going to be attacking them a lot, they’re, in turn, going to be healing often, making this a great perk to have.

Sloppy Butcher (The Trapper Perk)

  • Basic attacks cause survivors to suffer from Haemorrhage and Mangled status effects

Use this when Legion’s Feral Frenzy is on cooldown. Rather than hitting survivors with a basic attack that has no punch, Sloppy Butcher allows you to still apply status effects to the survivors. What makes this perk so great is that healing is going to be 20% slower thanks to the Mangled status effect.

Thanatophobia (The Nurse Perk)

  • For every injuried, dying, or hooked survivor, all survivors receive a stack-able penatly towards repairing, sabotaging, and cleansing

Legion is able to injure survivors very quickly thanks to his speed and Feral Frenzy. So, we want to take full advantage of that by having a perk like Thanatophobia. If injured survivors figure out that you have Nurse’s Calling, they’ll instead try and repair generators so they don’t give away their location by healing. However, this won’t do them any favors as they won’t make much progress thanks to Thanatophobia.