Vault of Glass coming to Destiny 2, along with some twists for its return from the first game

New content, including the chance to unlock a spectacular belt, is coming with Destiny’s latest update.

Destiny 2

Image via Bungie

Bungie brought us some new information on upcoming events for Destiny 2, including Vault of Glass, which was originally from the first Destiny. The blog post states Bungie’s “goal is to not [change the] raid into something completely new … [it will] be the first race … where players have a broad understanding of what to expect while still encountering changes they’ll have to adapt to.”

Guardians preparing to take on Atheon on May 22 will need to make sure their power level is at least 1300 to experience all of the encounters. This is an event players will want to make sure they’re ready for; there’s a Contest Mode that will be available for 24 hours, which will increase the difficulty by removing Power Level advantages over 700.

Fireteams that conquer the challenge when Contest Mode is active will progress to the next part of the challenge before less worthy guardians, bringing them closer to the World First finish line.

Image via Bungie

Finishing the challenge brings a beautiful reward to celebrate your fireteam’s success. It’s a giant prestigious belt, not unlike something we’d expect to see a wrestler holding up after winning a match. Guardians who completed this challenge originally on the first game will have a silver finish added to their belt as well.

The update also brings weapon balancing and tweaks, which we’d recommend checking if you’re a longtime Destiny fan and wanting to see all the details.