Walmart has exclusive Elden Ring art cards with pre-orders

FromSoftware’s games do look pretty good.

Image via From Software

Elden Ring pre-orders have been open for some time, but now we’re learning about the exclusives you can get for forking your money over to specific retailers. Walmart has come out with a pretty sweet incentive if you use the retail giant as your pre-order location of choice.

Putting money down for the PlayStation or Xbox versions of the game will get you three exclusive art cards. The 5×7″ cards feature some key shots from the game: a glowing sky, a castle, and a bonfire — that’s lower-case “bonfire,” mind you. Elden Ring’s rest points are Sites of Grace rather than the upper-case Bonfires of the Dark Souls games. Note that this pre-order bonus doesn’t apply to the PC version of Elden Ring, as Walmart is only selling it for consoles.

Despite a delay just a few months ago, Elden Ring is not too far away now. The release date is February 25, 2022, which we were reminded of during The Game Awards 2021 when a new story trailer debuted. It shows how the world of Elden Ring was broken, as two prominent characters clash and perhaps even fuse together into some sort of ultra-powerful monster. The tale is told by Melina, a guiding character who teaches you how to summon your mount when you meet her at a Site of Grace.