William Birkin arrives in Dead by Daylight alongside Lunar New Year costumes for Jill Valentine and Ada Wong

Celebrate Lunar New Year with a fresh series of new costumes.

Dead by Daylight is celebrating the Lunar New Year with an assortment of skins via the Moonlight Burrow in-game event. This two-week event gives you a chance to don a new costume for your favorite Killer or Survivor. The two Survivors featured in the event are Vittorio Toscano and Feng Min. Alongside the Lunar New Year celebration, there’s also a handful of new Resident Evil-inspired skins, with William Birkin making his debut as a cosmetic for The Blight.

For Resident Evil fans, William Birkin is available as a cosmetic appearance for The Blight. What makes The Blight such a terrifying Killer in Dead by Daylight is his aggressive behavior in charging straight after Survivors, running them down, and crashing into the environment. Sounds exactly like the Resident Evil enemy, William Birkin, a scientist who became one of the infected and eventually grew a massive eyeball on one side of his shoulder. Although his appearance in Dead by Daylight is not entirely inhuman, he’s well on his way there.

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Jill Valentine and Ada Wong are the other two Resident Evil characters receiving skins for Dead by Daylight’s Moonlight Burrow event. Jill will get her iconic Revelations Gear from Resident Evil Revelations, and Ada can now wear the Lunar Qipao dress, which the Dead by Daylight team worked with Capcom to make a reality for fans asking about it.

Vittorio Toscano’s Auspicious Apparel and Feng Min’s Down The Rabbit Hole cosmetics will be available in the in-game store. Feng Min’s outfit is a recreation of one of the community’s most requested outfits, with a Lunar New Year twist to it, highlighting the year of the rabbit.

These skins will be available during the Moonlight Burrow event that starts today and continues until February 7. When February 7 arrives, the Moonlight Burrow event will end, ushering in Dead by Daylight’s Dead Games Collection, which gives The Trapper a deadly hockey outfit, Mikaela a meditation outfit, and Adam Francis a baseball uniform.