All Ada Wong perks in Dead by Daylight

Looks like the race is on. Let’s see who comes in first.


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The Survivor, Ada Wong, joins Dead by Daylight, giving you the chance to survive the Trial alongside your teammates. Ada Wong is from the Resident Evil franchise and makes her debut in the Project W Chapter update, alongside fellow Survivor Rebecca Chambers and Killer The Mastermind, Albert Wesker. Ada will have a handful of unique perks available to her, and you can unlock them for other characters. This guide covers all of Ada Wong’s perks in Dead by Daylight and how we break down how they work.

All Ada Wong perks and how they work in Dead by Daylight

Like all Survivors, Ada Wong will have three unique perks exclusive to her. Once you reach level 50 with her and prestige this character, those perks become available on other Survivors, giving you the chance to customize your loadout throughout the game. For purchasing the Project W expansion, you also receive the Killer, The Mastermind, and Rebecca Chambers as another Survivor.

Low Profile

The Low Profile perk makes it harder for the Killer to find you when it’s only the two of you on the map. When you become the last Survivor with Low Profile, this perk activates, hiding your scratch marks and pools of blood for 70/80/90 seconds, giving you a better chance of escaping within that time.

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Reactive Healing

The Reactive Healing perk is valuable when working alongside your fellow Survivors, but at a cost to them. When another Survivor within 32 meters of you loses a health state while you are injured, you instantly increase your healing progression by 25/30/35% of the missing healing progression you already have. You do need to be injured for this perk to work correctly.


The Wiretap perk is an excellent way to keep tabs on the Killer and follow their movements around the map. After repairing a Generator for at least 33%, this perk activates. You will need to repair a Generator for three seconds and then press the ability button to use this perk, which allows you to install a Wiretap. It will remain active for 60/70/80 seconds. While active, the aura of trapped generators is yellow, and all Survivors can see them. In addition, when a Killer enters within 14 meters of the trapped Generator, their aura is revealed to everyone while they stand there. However, if the Killer damages the Generator, the Wiretap is destroyed.