World of Warcraft’s Trading Post feature implodes, renders all rewards from February bugged or missing

Stop, stop! He’s already dead!

Screenshot by Gamepur

World of Warcraft players are waking up today to discover that the Trading Post woes just keep on giving, this time presenting the pièce de résistance of the new content’s problems. Fans in the EU are reporting some absolutely wild bugs, including all the rewards they earned in February either missing or void of a visual model. Furthermore, the feature that allows for carrying over a desired reward to the next month has not worked for many people, leaving us to the belief that Blizzard probably should have kept this game in the oven a bit longer.

Social media is oozing with players wondering what is going on with their purchases from last month. Garlock, the ogre pet that was in the rotation for February, is now just a checkered box model when summoned. Better yet, the coveted Ash’adar, Harbinger of Dawn mount has no visual at all for some players, which creates a hilarious bug in its own right.

If you were a vocal fan wanting Dracthyr to be able to fly like a normal mount, your wish is now granted for the moment. Summoning Ash’adar produces no mount but lets the player fly anyway. Most races will just run in the air, but Dracthyr actually uses their flying animations. The hotbar icon for Ash’adar is also just a green box now for a lot of players.

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People who locked a reward in from February to carry over to March’s available purchase options are getting extremely disappointed to discover that the process did not function at all, preventing them from obtaining their desired item until it next shows up in the rotation. Most transmog visuals are also just gone completely, and some players are even reporting losing all of their unspent Trader’s Tender currency.

WoW’s Trading Post has been in absolute chaos since its launch last month. This is not even the only problem reported in the past day. Last night, the quest to obtain March’s currency popped early for all regions, but provided no currency reward when turned in. NA realms have yet to see this latest drama as their Trading Post doesn’t reset for a few more hours, so Blizzard would do well to control this mess as fast as possible.