Zhongli’s Story Quest finally arrives tomorrow in Genshin Impact

Get a test run of the Geo Polearm.

Genshin Impact

Zhongli has been long awaited ever since his reveal in early November. This 5-star Geo Polearm’s Story Quest, Historia Antiqua, will be available in Genshin Impact tomorrow on December 1, but you won’t be able to jump into his story right away as there are some requirements.

To play Zhongli’s quest, you will first need to have an Adventure Rank of 40 and complete all of the quests in Chapter 1: Act III A New Star Approaches. Once these requirements are fulfilled, you must use a Story Key to finally begin. Story Keys are unlocked after players complete 8 daily Commissions.

The most impressive part of Zhongli, besides how sophisticated he is, is his elemental burst, Planet Befall. With this skill, he calls down a meteor, which unleashes a massive area of effect burst and petrifies all enemies hit. Based on the character demo, it seems that he can destroy those petrified enemies with his basic elemental skill Dominus Lapidis. This combo makes Zhongli incredibly strong and justifies his 5-star status.

Players can get a taste of what Zhongli has to offer by playing his quest Historia Antiqua on December 1.