How to get an Oceanid Pet in Genshin Impact – Wishful Drops event – Life Flows On

Another cute little friend.

Image via miHoYo

Genshin Impact has introduced a new pet in the form of Endora, the Oceanid Pet. Players can add Endora to their collection by taking part in the Wishful Drops event.

The Wishful Drops event runs from April 9 until April 16. When they log in, players will need to complete a quest called Life Flows On. First, they will need to speak with Katherine in Mondstadt, at the Adventurer’s Guild. After that, they will need to head to Dawn Winery and speak with Conor.

Conor will ask you to investigate a nearby body of water. Follow the waypoint and you will be attacked by some Slimes. After defeating them, Endora will appear. The little creature will need your help, so bring it to the spring in Springvale.

After quite a bit of dialogue, the main aspect of the Wishful Drops event will become available, educating Endora. Players will be able to go to Exploration Areas and capture Ocreanid creatures to help Endora.

Players will be able to equip Endora’s Bottle as a gadget, then release her in exploration areas. Their Elemental Burst ability will be replaced by her bubble. She can spit a bubble at the Oceanid creatures, capturing them.

To spit the bubble, hold the Elemental Burst button and charge the attack. Watch where the arc indicator ends, then release it to fire the bubble there. You can visit a new area each day to help Endora grow stronger.