It’s all sun and games as Overwatch 2 reveals Mythic Amaterasu Kiriko skin in anticipation of Season Three

This support hero is about to ascend to goddess level.

Image via Activision Blizzard

Overwatch 2 is still pushing strong in anticipation for Season Three’s launch on February 7. To build up fan hype, Blizzard has pulled back the curtain on the latest Mythic skin being added for the new season. Amaterasu Kiriko is now the hottest Mythic skin on the block, and players will be able to progress an entirely new battle pass to earn it soon.

Kiriko is a popular support hero and the third character in the roster to receive a Mythic skin. Genji had his time to shine with a Mythic skin in Season One, and Junker Queen brought the thunder with her Zeus-inspired Mythic skin last season. Kiriko’s Amaterasu skin now means that there is a Mythic skin available for at least one character in every role category.

Kiriko is the newest support hero added to the game, though Blizzard has admitted that the next two additions will also be in the support role. Playing support has not been as popular in the sequel as the change to five versus five was not kind to the survivability of these characters.

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Blizzard has big plans for Season Three of Overwatch 2. They recently posted a blog detailing their first steps to be more rewarding, with free Credits and cheaper skins on the way. They are also addressing matchmaking as well as adding a new map in Season Three.

The blog promised that this is just the beginning on making Overwatch 2 feel more rewarding for players. New events are on the horizon, and a hint at a new feature was also passed around. Season Two was not impressive to many players, so any chance to address pain points and earn some goodwill is a welcome sight.