How to Cook a Full Course Meal Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot – There’s Nothing like a Home-cooked Meal! Trophy

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is filled with ways to improve your stats. These can be a permanent increase from training, new skills from your skill trees, buffs from Community Boards, or even eating a nice meal to gain some temporary buffs. Meals can range from smaller items to full course meals, but you cannot cook these full course meals straight away.

To unlock full course meals, you will need to play through the first saga and the first intermission. You will get a story mission to find a unique recipe for Chi-Chi. After you find the recipe, you will be able to cook full course meals. Full course meals cannot be prepared at the campfires that you will find scattered throughout the game; they can only be cooked by chefs like Chi-Chi, or the many NPC chefs you can find in towns. Each meal will also need specific ingredients that you will need to find in the game.

Unlike smaller meals, full-course meals provide a much longer duration for the buffs they give you, and also an increase experience gain from battles. If you are looking to level up quickly, make sure you eat often. Some recipes, and ingredients, can also be gotten from quests and side quests.

To find the recipes to make meals explore the towns, you visit carefully to see if there is a chef there. We will be adding a list of recipes to this guide as soon as we discover them.