5 Reasons Why Pokemon Go Is Still Worth Playing in 2023

Pokemon Go outside.

If you’ve been into Pokemon for very long, you no doubt know that there were two phases of PokeMania; first, in the 90s, when Pokemon was at its prime in popularity. Second, in 2016, where it seemed everyone, including your grandma, had Pokemon Go. People used it as an excuse to exercise, get out of doors, and take in some sunshine. Others found it to be an easy-to-pickup try at monster collecting.

Those not into Pokemon flocked to this game for many reasons back in 2016, and many fell off after the updates caused hiccups to the gameplay. Now that it’s been a few years, is it worth it as a Pokemon fan to get back into Pokemon Go? Absolutely! In this article, we’ll detail why you should redownload Pokemon Go and make it part of your daily commute.

1. It’s a reason to go outside

Image by Niantic

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that going outside and getting some fresh air is mighty important. Going out, even if it’s just for a little while, and even if it’s just to get some progress in on a mobile game, can really help any day go a little better, not to mention the fact that all PokeStop locations, even the ones that came about due to the second PokeMania hype when the game was at its prime, are still all out there. If you didn’t have any PokeStops near you during release, checking again may yield rewards for the curious.

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Pokemon Go is designed to be taken with you outside, and Pokemon catching has become more quick and convenient than ever. Even if you don’t want to play the game while walking around, Pokemon Go tracks your steps anyway, making every walk or stroll a good one for many reasons. If stacking up reasons to breach your front door is a strategy you use to get some rays, then let Pokemon Go be one of those titular pieces to the puzzle.

2. PvP has improved

Image by Niantic

No longer are conventional must-haves of Pokemon, like trading and battling, absent in this mobile game. If you remember how 2016 went, trading and battling each other were not around back then. Everyone wanted to do so, but the game’s ties simply didn’t allow for it. Now, trading is perfected, and online battles are easy to commence without much trouble. If you’re someone who played the game at the beginning of 2016, the improvements that Go sports in 2023 may pleasantly surprise you.

3. It’s practically effortless

Image by Niantic

Remember when the most convenient feature of Pokemon Go was the fact that the screen dimmed a little when you turned the phone upside down? Gone is that record holder; for now, there are more than a couple of ways to play the game safely as you walk. Pokemon Go is beyond just putting your phone in your pocket. Now you can use various kinds of devices to control your Pokemon catches, PokeStop spins, and Egg hatches, all without needing to look at a screen. Simple button presses on wrist devices or PokeBalls can make quick work of your daily Pokemon grind no matter where you’re doing it or how busy your eyes are while taking a stroll.

4. Team Rocket is back

Image by Niantic

One thing that was severely lacking in Pokemon Go during the beginning phases of the game was the game’s purpose. It felt like we were in a bit of an empty world (although that entirely depends on where you hang your Trainer’s cap) devoid of actual enemies.

Sure, you had your rivalries with other teams, but a common goal was just was Pokemon Go needed to give every individual player a small sense of urgency, to give meaning to their progress. That’s where Team Rocket comes into play today. No longer are PokeStops free places; sometimes you can encounter a Team Rocket Grunt, against whom you can test your Pokemon to see if you’ve trained them well enough.

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5. Old rivalries still hold salt

Image by Niantic

While you may have Team Rocket now to test your teeth on, Team Mystic, Instinct, and Valor aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. If you liked the rivalry that was born from the three-team split, now those teams are more populated than they’ve ever been. While 2016 may have seen overwhelming popularity for Team Mystic, the balances are a bit more stable now that it’s been a few years. Getting the new and improved version of Pokemon Go can be a delight, especially when there are tons of Gyms to conquer in your area with a diverse spread between all three teams.