How to find the Steward’s Golden Chest in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Go Bastion-hopping and find out what’s in the box this week.

Image via Blizzard

While you’re out searching for the rare treasures of Bastion in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, you’ll want to mark off the Steward’s Golden Chest from your list. The location for this chest changes from day to day, so we’ll help you figure out where you should be looking for it.

Starting the search

In Hero’s Rest, you’ll find Elios, standing next to the Steward’s Golden Chest. He will offer you the Fruit of the Gods quest. This is a very simple request for a Ripe Purian, but you won’t be giving it to Elios. He will send you out to find a random Steward NPC located somewhere in Bastion. Fortunately, you can find Ripe Purians everywhere throughout Bastion, and you may have spotted a few of them while you’ve been doing other quests.

With the Ripe Purian in hand, you can turn in the quest. You’ll be able to find the location of the daily steward on your map, but we’ll give you a list below of the possible locations, along with the name of the NPC you will find:

Steward NameCoordinates
Alexandros53.5, 85.5
Angeliki42.9, 27.3
Burnsios44.8, 59.2
Chaddius57.0, 77.3
Covinkles53.6, 9.5
Giannakis70.9, 37.5
Ioanna25.8, 33.5
Pagius45.6, 64.6
Platnos60.6, 61.8
Wylia33.9, 66.8

Returning to the chest

When you locate the Steward, turn in the Ripe Purian, and you will receive the Steward’s Golden Key in exchange for the fruit. You can now head back to Elios and the chest to use your key. If RNG favors you, you might find a few bits of Anima inside the chest.