How to bite someone in BitLife

It’s only a nibble.


Image via Candywriter LLC

For those looking to complete the Vampire Challenge in BitLife, you have a series of tasks you need to do to complete it. One of them is to try and bite someone. While it seems like a straightforward task to do it, it’s a bit harder because you only have the option to bite people at certain times.

The best time to try and bite an individual in the game is when you’re younger, and you have siblings. It’s natural for older and younger siblings to fight each other. As such, when you click on their profiles under the relationships tab, you have the option to rumble with them. Choose this option, and one of your attacks can be to bite them. Choose this, and the target location can be anywhere. While it is the Vampire Challenge, it does not have to be their neck. You can also do this when you’re younger with kids at your school by repeatedly insulting them until they fight you.

Alternatively, you every once in a while to have the option to fight other individuals in the game, such as people assaulting you or significant others who you fight with. Again, each time you get into a fight with someone, you want to try biting them in any location. While you can fight those you meet in the game, such as co-workers or friends, the option to bite does not appear to show up as often. After you complete all of these tasks, you will have done the Vampire Challenge, and you can see how much longer you continue living your Vampire lifestyle.

Because there are not too many consequences for fighting with your siblings, the best time to complete this task is when you’re younger. Unfortunately, there’s a chance your sibling aggressively retaliates, such as pulling out a bazooka to kill you, and you have to start over. While it can happen, you don’t have to prepare for it each time.

After you complete this task you’re one step closer to completing the Vampire Challenge in BitLife.