How to impale someone in BitLife

Going for the Vampire Challenge.

For those looking to complete the Vampire Challenge in BItLife, you need to finish an array of tasks while you live your life in the game. The more complicated task in front of you is to impale three people in the game effectively. Impaling someone is extremely difficult due to the risk associated with doing it.

If you want to impale someone, you want to wait a little bit further in your life until you’re older, and you have plenty of money. When we’re talking about plenty of money, we’re discussing in the millions of dollars in the game. You need to because of the consequences tied with attempting to impale an individual.

After you have enough money, somewhere in the millions, you can try to impale someone. To do this, you need to go to the Activities tab and choose the Crime. From there, you want to go down to the Murder option and look for the impale choice. If you see it, you can choose to go for a random individual in the game or for someone closer to you, such as an ex-significant other.

You need to do this three times. There are various consequences for doing this, such as being given a life sentence. Because of the high risk of this task, you want to use all of your money to purchase the best lawyers you have available to you. If you don’t, you run the risk of being sent to jail where your chances of living go down quite a bit. Plus, you run the risk of losing your house and other assets in BitLife, which can prevent you from completing different challenges.

Impaling an individual is difficult in the game. But if you go for having a lot of money and keeping yourself healthy, you should be able to do this pretty effectively over time.