Modern Warfare 2 Halloween 2023 – All New Modes, Map Updates, & Skins

Feast your eyes on Modern Warfare 2’s Halloween-themed updates ahead of Season 06.

There's a small army of new skins coming to Modern Warfare 2 in the Halloween-themed update.

Image via Activision.

Modern Warfare 2 is getting an autumnal makeover during Season 06, which means spooky characters, map updates, and a smorgasbord of new content. Call of Duty has always been reliable for a good seasonal switch-up, but between multiplayer and Warzone 2, 2023’s Halloween update is one of the franchise’s biggest makeovers ever.

From Evil Dead all the way to Masters of the Universe, the cosmetics take a wide-ranging swing to hit as many fun crossovers as possible and the new-look maps are a sight for sore eyes. Christmas Crash has reigned supreme in the hearts of fans for years now, but El Asilo and Embassy are shooting for the top this time around.

Keep in mind these won’t be hitting the game until after the Season 06 update, as this is just an early look at what’s to come.

Modern Warfare 2: Halloween Event and Playlists

Modern Warfare 2 Season 06 Halloween Update.
Image via Activision.

Our biggest focus here is the Soul Capture Event. This is just like the Trophy Hunting market from Season 03, so players will collect the souls of their fallen enemies as they play the game. Rack up enough souls and you’ll be able to trade them in for various rewards across both MP and WZ. The list of items isn’t available yet, but we’ll be sure to update this page when they arrive.

The playlists are also getting reworked when the update arrives, and that means revisiting some iconic game types, as well as a frightening facelift for our familiar favorites. Infected and Dropzone are making their way back into the rotation, while modes like Domination and TDM will have some (un)life injected into them.

Modern Warfare 2 is getting an injection of samhain spirit in the Halloween update.
Image via Activision.

Here’s the full list of Halloween offerings and what to expect from them according to the Season 06 Roadmap.

  • Haunting Kill Confirmed/Grind (Mid-Season): Instead of Dog Tags, collect skulls in Grind and Kill Confirmed.
  • Haunting Drop Zone Drop Scares (Mid-Season): Capture and hold the Drop Zone to earn points for your team but take care while opening any crates . . . who knows what might jump out at you!
  • Haunting Infected (Mid-Season): Zombies swarm to Infected. Players who become infected will appear as The Haunting–themed Zombies.
  • Haunting Domination (Mid-Season): Own all the control points on the map as usual. However, in this version of Domination, expect a Scarecrow to act as a marker for each flag.

Modern Warfare 2 Halloween Map Updates

As we mentioned previously, El Asilo and Embassy are undergoing quite a transformation, with the former getting an infusion of Dia de Muertos energy, while the latter will be fresh out of the aftermath of a zombie attack that leaves the place in ruins.

El Asilo is one of Modern Warfare 2's best maps, and the Dia de Muertos makoever only enhances the beauty of the arena.
Image via Activision.

A quick look at El Asilo shows off Calaveras and marigolds, both of which are closely associated with the beloved Day of the Dead holiday, with other additions promised to enhance the colorful new vibe around the battlefield.

Embassy is a standout from Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer map rotation, and it's getting a spooky showcase.
Image via Activision.

Embassy’s new look is far scarier, offering a solemn message – Save Us – to anyone entering its signature office building. Unfortunately, there are no survivors by the time the fight returns, so all that’s left to do is look away from the horrific scenes as you fight your way around the map.

MW2 Halloween Skins: Diablo Crossover, Skeletor, Spawn, More

Lilith and Inarius are making the jump from the Hells to descend on Call of Duty.
Image via Activision.

In a big in-house crossover for Activision Blizzard, Lilith and Inarius are making their debut in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2. They’ll also be joined by Al Simmons, and his unholy alter ego Spawn, as well as a whole host of bad guys from that side. These seem to be attached to the Battle Pass, but take that with a grain of salt until the full breakdown is released.

  • Burned Spawn (Al Simmons Skin)
  • Creepy Clown (Fender Skin)
  • Violator (König Skin)
  • Disruptor (Horangi Skin)
  • Soul Crusher (Vega Skin)
  • Nikto Spawn (Nikto Skin)
  • Gaia (Nova Skin)

Ash Williams, Alucard (Hellsing), Skeletor, and a DOOM-themed weapon tracer pack will also be hitting the store. Keep a lookout for our skin rankings for a more detailed breakdown of which ones are worth the asking price.

That’s only half of the fun, though. Be sure to check out all of the Warzone 2 updates, as the zombie-themed Vondead Resurgence and Vondead Lockdown playlists will only amplify that sweet, Fall feeling.