What is the best ammo type in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2? Answered

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has a variety of attachments to make your weapons truly stand out in all the game modes. Choosing the best ammo type is one of the crucial choices you’ll have to make as they can make all the difference in taking out your opponents. Modern Warfare 2 has quite a few ammo types, but only a handful stand out. With that in mind, we detail down the best ammo types in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

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Call of Duty: MW2 best ammo types

Armor Piercing rounds

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The armor-piercing rounds are great to use when you want to inflict maximum damage on your enemies as well as the standard vehicles. Despite the developers removing the ”armor piercing” ability it is known for, these still do considerable damage to enemies, particularly in close-range encounters. One of the more useful characteristics of these rounds is their ability to take out killstreaks like the VTOL jet and the Wheelson-HS. So, if you find them annoying, you can equip these rounds and take them out with relative ease.

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High Velocity rounds

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High Velocity rounds are probably the most common type of ammunition used by players in Modern Warfare 2, as well as Warzone 2.0, and there are good reasons for using it. These excel in medium to long-range encounters as they provided a noticeable boost to the bullet velocity of a weapon. The overall range of the weapon itself is a bit affected but still does well in medium and long-range encounters. This ammo type is particularly useful in Warzone 2.0 and modes like Ground War and Invasion as it helps in providing the most accurate shots.

Incendiary rounds

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The incendiary rounds inflict a small amount of burning damage to your targets when they are hit. Additionally, it also does a good amount of damage to vehicles. These rounds work well with single-shot weapons like sniper rifles and marksman rifles. They can be used in other weapon types but suffer in long-range encounters due to them weakening the bullet velocity and penetration. So, using them with single-shot weapons is recommended as they are already made for medium and long-range encounters. But, if you do use them with other weapon types like LMGs, they’ll only work well at close range. The incendiary rounds are also great ammo for taking out killstreaks.