5 great games with Twitch integration (that are not Hyper Scape)

These games let you punish streamers for trying to entertain you.

vermintide 2 twitch integration

Some players eager to dive into Hyper Scapeand test the battle royale’s Twitch integration may be surprised to know that there are many other games out there with similar features. Indeed, Twitch chat integration became a thing as early as 2015, and since then, several games have come out with dedicated ways for viewers to help out (or mess with) streamers playing their favorite games.

Streets of Rogue

As the suggests, Streets of Rogue is a type of roguelite, which can also more accurately be described as a top-down mayhem generator. In this tongue-in-cheek take on the genre, players embody whacky modern versions of RPG archetypes. For example, instead of an Assassin using a venomous dagger, you can play as a sneaky Doctor, putting your victims down with anesthetics.

When streaming Streets of Rogue on Twitch, the player can allow their viewers to become active forces in the game. By voting, viewers can invoke in-game events, some helpful, and others malicious.

Black Future ’88

Like Hyper Scape, Black Future ’88 is a neon-bathed futuristic action platformer, only in 2D. The game is very fast-paced, and its Twitch integration feature comes in the form of letting viewers pick which traits and perks the player gets, heavily impacting their chances of survival.

Party Hard 2

Party Hard 2 is a brutal, somewhat Hotline Miami-esque game about shutting people’s noisy parties down through the most extreme means available. This game offers one of the more involved Twitch integration features on this list. Stream viewers get 2 minutes before the start of the game to actively change the level. They do so by spawning traps, items, and even NPCs, which can make the game easier or harder for the streamer.

Dead Cells

Dead Cells is a tough as nails, learn-from-dying style Metroidvania with a unique setting and a lot of polish, which also comes through in its deep Twitch integration. Stream viewers can vote on where to send the player next, what upgrades they get, and can even control boss encounters.

Vermintide 2

Last but not least, we have Vermintide 2, which is the most different and the most similar to Hyper Scape of the games included in this list. While both games are action-packed first-person affairs, Vermintide 2 is a PvE game with a focus on melee combat and cooperative tactics, set in the grim fantasy world of Warhammer. And while that description may be the polar opposite of everything Hyper Scape is, the two games’ Twitch integration systems are very similar.

In Vermintide 2‘s Twitch mode, viewers are occasionally given the option to vote between two possible in-game events. When the timer runs out, the event which received more votes comes into play. While these events can be positive (potions for everyone!), Vermintide 2 fans know that the spirit in the game is about punishment. Viewers often take Twitch mode to take the game’s already-brutal difficulty to ridiculous new heights, invoking things that nature never intended.