6 Best Weapons to Use in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

 6 Best Weapons to Use in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

In Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, the Weapons for the Frye twins are divided into 3 types such as Kukri, Cane-Sword and Brass knuckles. Knowing Jacob’s aggressive moves and Evie’s Stealth and intelligence we have sorted the 6 Best Weapons to use in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate.

Assassin's Creed: Syndicate

You also have Firearms and Gauntlets that is the hidden blade with new upgrades off course, but they are not the featured weapons in the game. We have sorted 2 best weapons of each type if you have anything to add then just leave a comment in the section below. So without any further ado let’s begin with our 6 Best weapons to use in the game.

Top 6 Weapons to Use


Kukri is a Knife and is known for its speed compared to rest of the types in weapons. When your are out in a gang war and out of smoke and other bombs then Kukri is the best lethal weapon to damage your enemies and take them down. Some Kukris can be earned, purchased and others can be crafted.


Master Assassin Kukri
The Kukri wielded by the Assassins is lighter, sharper and deadlier than that of the Initiates. This Kukri is Best to use by Evie as she is master of Stealth mode. It can be obtained by purchasing at Level 8.

  • Attack: 7
  • Lethality: 8


Eagle’s Splendor Kukri
As the Eagle was a symbol of the Assassins before America was Born, they have given the Best Lethality in its type. Jacob handles very well as of his Aggressive assassinating strategy. It can be obtained by Crafting at Level 9.

  • Attack: 8
  • Lethality: 9



Cane-Swords are majorly used to Stun enemies rather than killing them. They are supposed o be less lethal than the Kukris. Same as the Kukris, Cane-Sword can also be obtained by purchasing, crafting or earned as rewards for certain missions.


Ivory and Jade Cane-Sword
The Victorians weren’t much animal conservation and this ivory-topped cane-sword is a proof of it. Evie can handle it far more with ease than Jacob as he is more in damaging the enemies and gangs. It can be obtained by Crafting at Level 8.

  • Stun: 9
  • Attack: 8
  • Lethality: 6


Flame Dragon Cane Sword
Keeping the fires burning with dragon-topped cane-sword, this is a vicious and majestic weapon well handled by Jacob and this Lethality. It can be obtained by Crafting at Level 9.

  • Stun: 10
  • Attack: 9
  • Lethality: 6


Brass Knuckles

The Brass Knuckles are mostly used to Hand-to-Hand fights and these are more lethal than the Cane-Sword, but less than the Kukris. The Moves are comparatively faster than other types and its main focus on Damage rather than stunning enemies. In Combat, it’s the best to use and deal with multiple enemies at once. Similar to the Kukri and Cane-Sword the Brass Knuckles can be obtained by purchasing, crafting or earned as rewards for certain missions.


Copper Love
All you need to give the damage with Love. You know how they say everything is fair in Love and War, well its the same with these Copper Love Brass Knuckles. The Damage is incredible compared to the rest of the types. It can be obtained at Level 8. Try using it with Evie during a Combat session.

  • Attack: 8
  • Stun: 6
  • Lethality: 6


Master Assassin Knuckles
To be Worn with Pride is the Master Assassin Brass Knuckles. It gives the maximum damage in a combat session. Made for Jacob and you can easily win any Gang wars with this Brass Knuckles. It can be crafted at Level 9.

  • Attack: 9
  • Stun: 7
  • Lethality: 7