The Best Minecraft Skins

Minecraft Skins

Minecraft, at its core, is all about customization; you ultimately choose everything about the world. The location of any settlements, the color of the livestock, even the real world’s topography is yours to control. Your own appearance is no different. In many ways, Minecraft gives you the greatest control over your appearance of pretty much any game out there. This is due, of course, to be able to create your own skin, exact to your own specifications, and customized to your own taste.

Of course, you can always pick one somebody else made. There are a ton of skins out there, and chances are there’s something that appeals to you. Maybe it resonates with you, shows who you are, or maybe you want something from one of your favorite franchises; there’s something for everybody out on the wild, wooly web. Here’s some of the more appealing I’ve come across.


Link Minecraft Skin

This skin works surprisingly well as compared to most video game skins. I think it’s because Link’s color scheme is so simplistic, and his features are very vaguely friendly already that it already fits the cute little square head.

Ricardo Milos

An exceptionally popular skin at the moment, this one is a bit racy for Minecraft; be careful what server you wear this one to.

Bob the Builder

Bob the Builder skin

I don’t think I need to explain why this skin is so fitting for Minecraft. The cartoon art style works well too!

Iron Man

Iron Man lives on in Minecraft, with a great mix of MCU styled detailing and brighter comic and cartoon colors. It makes for a great aesthetic, particularly with more tech-heavy mods, so those palm blaster details can seem to function.

Patrick Star

Patrick Minecraft skin

Yes, this is Patrick. Albeit with some very strange eyes. Still, overall the skin looks good, and maybe it will help you make friends with some squid?


Stormtrooper Minecraft Skin

There are a lot of Star Wars-themed skins, and a lot of these are Stormtroopers. Most of them are not great. Overly simplistic or just poor likenesses. Not so with this one, which is impeccably detailed, and quite nice to look at.


Ash Minecraft Skin

This is a surprisingly detailed rendition of the classic look of Ash from Pokemon. He doesn’t look much like this these days, but it’s pretty much spot-on for how he looked in the first few seasons.


Groot Minecraft Skin

If you ever get tired of people making “punch trees, get wood” jokes even after all these years, why not become the tree that punches back? I like the slender look of this one and the shading near the hips; it gives the skin an almost curved look.


Batman skin

While not perfect (tiny ears!), this is as good as you can get for Batman in Minecraft. The bat especially looks quite good. If the ears bother you, pretend you’re the design from The Dark Knight Returns.

Finn the Human

Finn Minecraft Skin

Everybody’s favorite adventure boy makes a great fit for Minecraft, especially with some modded goodies to bring a little more wackiness to the world.