How Does Orin’s Outfit Suit Every Companion in Baldur’s Gate 3, Ranked

Orin was hot, but she had a killer resume. Time to find out which BG3 buddy can step into those dastardly heels.

New Orin's Outfit: Mutilated Caparace in BG3

Screenshot by Gamepur

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Only one Baldur’s Gate 3 antagonist is hot-crazy enough to make us fall into the delusion of thinking we can fix her: Orin the Red. Now, we can perpetuate her legacy by dressing any companion in her outfit.

Thanks to BG3’s Patch 5, we can now snag Orin’s outfit after defeating her. Just approach the trail of pulp and flesh she leaves behind, and by rummaging through it, you’ll find one of the best finesse weapons in the game Orin’s Mutilated Carapace. Naturally, the first thing I did after getting this outfit myself was have a little runway fun right outside Bhaal’s temple. I made every single companion try out this outfit. Most of them slayed, but there are definitely some flops amongst our Baldur’s Gate 3 companions.

An Apology: Because I went for a good-aligned playthrough of Baldur’s Gate 3, I couldn’t recruit Minthara into my party. So, we’ll just have to miss out on the spectacle of Drow’s mommy rocking this outfit. Between you and me, though, I think she would absolutely kill it.

9. Laezel

Lae'zel in Orin's Mutilated Carapace Outfit
Screenshot by Gamepur

Laezel looks great in a bunch of outfits, like the Helldusk Armor or the Reaper’s Embrace. But Orin’s Mutilated Carapace isn’t it—the bloody red hues of Orin’s outfit clash with Lae’zel’s olive green skin. Instead of looking like a goddess of murder, she looks a bit like a Christmas tree. If you want something purely aesthetic and not functional in combat, try one of the Wizard robes; make sure it’s not red.

8. Minsc

Minsc in Orin's Mutilated Carapace Outfit
Screenshot by Gamepur

While I’m all about Minsc showing off his muscles in a spicy outfit, I don’t think Orin’s Mutilated Carapace suits him at all. He’s too pure a soul to be wearing an armor whose description contains the word “Bhaal’s fetid chosen.” His good-natured spirit and heroism are completely thrown out the minute he puts on this antagonist’s outfit. Plus, where could he possibly carry Boo?

7. Jaheira

Jaheira in Orin's Mutilated Carapace Outfit
Screenshot by Gamepur

Much like Minsc, I feel like Jaheira has too heavy a backstory to wear a spicy red attire without it feeling out of place. After delving into Jaheira’s secret lair, you’ll notice that she’s truly passionate about all things nature. This outfit has no fur, nor does it include any green hues to suit her usual style. And no, dying an outfit as iconic as Orin’s is not an option.

6. Gale

Gale in Orin's Mutilated Carapace Outfit
Screenshot by Gamepur

With Orin’s Mutilated Carapace equipped, Gale looks like he’s about to burst into a vogue session any minute, and I’m here for it. The outfit fits flawlessly on his excessively sculpted frame for a wizard who’s a bit too buff. I might suggest you throw in a wizard hat and a pair of boots, though, just to clarify to onlookers that he’s definitely a wizard, not a flamboyant dancer.

5. Shadowheart

Shadowheart in Orin's Mutilated Carapace Outfit
Screenshot by Gamepur

Everyone’s darling girl from BG3 looks great in Orin’s Mutilated Caparace, especially with the white hairstyle. Part of me feels guilty for involving Shadowheart in the antics of any other malevolent deity, but let’s be real — it looks too fantastic to resist. I will concede, however, that the Wavemother’s Robe, which you can snag from the Avenge the Drowned side quest, makes her look like absolute wife material.

4. Halsin

Halsin in Orin's Mutilated Carapace Outfit

Did I just throw away all my points favoring Jaheira not looking good in this outfit just because Halsin looks good in it? You bet. In my playthrough, Orin kidnapped Halsin, and I’m willing to pretend he was brainwashed into worshipping Bhaal just to make this outfit work for his character. Orin’s Mutilated Caparace looks to die for in Baldur’s Gate 3 forest Daddy.

3. Wyll

Wyll in Orin's Mutilated Carapace Outfit
Screenshot by Gamepur

In late Act 1, Wyll will be cursed due to his inability to fulfill his contract with Mizora, a chance that’ll give him an appearance akin to a devil. Though this will disappoint Daddy Archduke, I think it’s the one thing that makes him interesting. Throw on Orin’s Mutilated Caparace. Once again, Wyll’s well-toned physique rocks this outfit, and now that he’s transformed into a horned devil, it perfectly aligns with his character.

2. Astarion

Astarion in Orin's Mutilated Carapace Outfit
Screenshot by Gamepur

I could write over a thousand words simping for Astarion’s look in this outfit. After all, we were thirsting for this vampire spawn even before the game released. Instead, I’d like to point out how convenient Orin’s Mutilated Caparace is for Astarion in practical matters. Unless you’ve morphed Astarion into a Vampire Overlord (shame on you), he’ll keep sipping blood from foes periodically. But now that you’re in the endgame, I bet he’s ravenous. Enter the Mutilated Caparace: crafted from pulp, blood, and flesh, he can nibble on bits of this outfit for a quick snack.

1. Karlach

Karlach in Orin's Mutilated Carapace Outfit
Screenshot by Gamepur

Because Karlach is a ruby red-skinned tiefling, Orin’s Mutilated Caparace suits her like a glove. A scarlet latex glove that’s dazzled with shiny pearls in all the right places.

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Though definitely not suited for combat, Karlach might as well paint Faerun red with just this outfit. Every detail fits seamlessly with her — from the crimson highlights in her hair to her infernal engine heart and ruby eyes — making Orin’s outfit a perfect match.