God of War PS4 Controls - Full Controller Layout Revealed

God of War PS4 Controls Layout

God of War is finally on the stores' shelves and we can give a look at the controller layout for the PS4 exclusive, which might be quite different in comparison with what you were expecting from an action adventure like this.

Interestingly, the game will allow you to use light and heavy attacks with two different buttons. R1 is the button you'll need to push for light attacks, while R2 works for the heavy ones.

God of War PS4 Controls Layout

God of War PS4 Controls Layout

L1 is the one you need to use to access the lock-on to enemies, which is especially suggested for 1v1 boss fights or with tougher enemies on your path; also, it allows you to parry and block. L3 is expectedly used for sprinting.

The front buttons – you can use them to call for Atreus' actions and recall your axe Leviathan after throwing it against enemies. With L2 you can aim before throwing it.

You can check the full controller layout below. For more interesting guides like this follow our God of War Wiki Page.


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